Family Sailing Trips

Family Sailing Trips

Family Sailing Trips

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We recently had the pleasure of taking the owner of Ingleside Fishing Charters out of Ingleside Texas and his family on their very first sailing trip and it was a great success. It was a 3 day all-inclusive sailing trip and we even did a little fishing they couldn’t resist it’s in their blood. The trip started in Corpus Christi Texas near Mustang Island and we sailed all the way down the Texas coastline down into the northern part of Mexico and back in the 3 days.

Day 1

On the first day we meet the family at the marina in Corpus Christi Texas at 6am and did our final checks on the sail boat and made sure everything was safe and ready to go and helped the family load up all the stuff they brought to enjoy the trip. At around 7:30 we left the marina and set sail the first day was mostly spent relaxing and drinking some wine and showing them how everything on the sail boat worked and sailing by some of the offshore oil rigs that they normally take their clients out fishing near. By the end of the end of the day they had a pretty good grasp of the sail boat and were able to help run it and wanted to as they really enjoyed the experience.

Day 2

sailingOn the second day we were about halfway down the Texas coast when we started and we headed further south towards Mexico passing some commercial shrimping boats and fishing boats and watching the birds follow after them looking for a free fresh meal from that days catch. We stopped around the border to go on a swimming and snorkeling adventure as we came across some beautiful coral that we didn’t expect to find. After a few hours of swimming and some fishing we finished out trip down into Mexico.

Day 3

The third day was mostly spend trying to head back and make up time as we stopped a little too long the previous days to enjoy the waters but we were still able to get in some beautiful sightseeing. Around half the trip back we were followed by a family of dolphins and everyone had a blast trying to touch and feed them on the trip home. We got back to Port Aransas Texas around 6pm and started unloading while the crew started to clean up the sail boat after the trip was completed.

I want to thank Ed and his family for booking a trip with us and for the great trip we had together. If you are ever in the area they are one of the best fishing charter Aransas Pass TX has. They also have a location and are one of the most experienced fishing charters Corpus Christi TX has. You can get more information about his business at .

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The Easy Way to Start your Sailing Career

The Easy Way to Start your Sailing Career

Sailing like any other skill requires that a person learns the basics and where possible, learn from the best in the trade. Sailing is something that many people dream of and wish they can achieve before it is too late. Well, here are some basics that will help you learn the general tricks while at the same time preparing you for the all major first time trip to the docking area.

downloadClothing is the first thing to know about. You need to wear comfortable nonslip clothes. You also need comfortable shoes, preferably old running shoes. If possible, shorts and t-shirts are somewhat the standard clad for sailors. You, however, need a jacket to protect you from the frequent splashes and wind. It is much cooler out there and you definitely need to protect yourself from getting a cold. Emphasize on the layering of clothing.

Choose a small boat, uncrowded calm waters for your maiden journey. The ideal sailing conditions whether in the movies or epic novels are where the weather is calm and light winds. Low traffic adds on to the enjoyment and a chance to master the art. The fewer the lines and sails, the easier it will be to become an accomplished sailor. A small boat will be more responsive that a large one.

A boat rigged with one sail is often the best place to start from. It is much easier to learn the basics of sailing when you don’t have to jump all over trying to control 5 sails. Safety is also something that you must consider. With one sail, your safety is almost assured.

When going out to sail, strictly follow the safety sailing procedures;

  • You should tell someone that you are heading for the waters.
  • Carry your floatation device
  • First, learn how to swim before start your sailing classes. Where possible, master how to swim.
  • Learn how to read the weather patterns or be a good listener to weather reports

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Dedicate time to research the weather, tide, and the wind. By knowing all that there is to know about these sailing companions, the better it will be for you. Failure to familiarize yourself with how all of these factors behave will ultimately lead to undesirable endings. The best way to learn about these natural factors is to be adequately prepared. Carry adequate food provisions and enough clothes.

It might not sound sane but since it happens to every other sailor, capsize the boat. Capsizing the boat under controlled conditions helps you know how and what to do when such happens when you are in unfriendly waters. One of the things that every sailor must almost always expect is to capsize when the waters get angry.

Just enjoy the sailing and you will find yourself unsurprisingly becoming a master within no time. Remember the rule of ‘practice makes perfect’; it is as though it was referring to sailing. You will never learn if you don’t practice. To add on to this, familiarize yourself with the sailing jargon.

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River Fishing Tips

River Fishing Tips

All the experienced fisherman already know that spoon fishing can be very effective if you are fishing for salmon or trout because the spoon imitates little bait fish, a little sculpin or anything that swims in water. So if you are fishing at a lake, you can simply cast and retrieve the spoon bait and the fish will chase and eventually bite on to it. But if you are fishing in a river, where the water is not still and there is a flow, spoon fishing can be very challenging.
Usually, these rivers are pretty shallow, and then there is the current that is also making it difficult for spoon fishing. Casting a spoon is one thing but in order to attract fish, the retracting speed must be right. Retracting the spoon bait to slow, and the weight will pull it down and you might end up catching a big rock in the end. Retracting it too fast will make your spoon bait look unnatural while gliding on the surface of the river.

You will scare the fish this way, so it is important to find something in between balancing with high and low speed. But there is an easier way to do this and it is fishing with a float. So float fishing is very common in rivers because you can present your bait to the fish at fixed depth. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the retraction speed of the bait. Once you set the depth on the float by gliding the lead down on the line, you won’t have to worry about getting snatched by gripping your hook on a rock. Just because you are using float doesn’t mean you can’t use the spoon as a bait. There are some beautiful gypsy spoon baits to buy in fishing shops. They are mostly used for trolling – they are preferred for river fishing. Finding the right depth to adjust the float can be tricky.

There are a couple of ways to be sure that the depth is just right for you to catch something.

Visual check is not the most reliable and requires you to step in the water to see how deep is that spot, that is usually 7 or 8 meters away. This way you might lose the fish by scaring them, but if you step carefully, you just might sneak up and check the depth of your targeted area.

Sliding the float. This technique is a decent one where you don’t need to go far into the river. All you have to do is keep a visual contact with the flow after swinging it in the river. Set the depth to approximately and then watch the behavior of the flow. If the flow is popping in and out on river surface while following the current is means that the hook is being dragged on the bottom.

Find the right spot for the lead on the line, in order to get the right depth. Only then your bait will resemble a small fish, drifting along the current attracting bigger fish.

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